Wimbledon actions continue

Maria Sharapova returning a serve to current World No. 1 at Wimbledon.

Tennis fashion time at Wimbledon.

It was a good match put up by Maria Sharapova but Serena Williams these days are just too strong. Still sometimes that is what good display of sports is just keep going on to score. Still, the fashion is nice... Maria's coat outfit looks nice and stylish. She always have the crowd in her glamour. But it seems that she is losing her edge maybe too much fashion is affecting her tennis performance but probably it is not this case. She needs more practice her fashion style can be maintained. Maria Sharapova would not be that a phenomenon if one of those factors is lacking.

Serena Williams went on to defeat Petra and advance to the final. Kim Clijsters won Justine Henin but loses at the semi-finals. It would not be a repeat of last year's US Open. This time it is the favourite against Vera.