Wimbledon into the exciting fourth rounds soon

Maria Sharapova through three rounds to meet Serena Williams.

Kim easing through three rounds to meet...

...Justine Henin again.

Maria Kirilenko though out but always a tennis player fans spectators enjoy watching her play. (Getty)

Besides the fact that the World is mainly focusing on the sport soccer or the World Cup 2010. Wimbledon is something big for the tennis arena. Maria Sharapova has shown a great comeback and has managed to win three rounds but to meet Serena Williams next. Will Maria Sharapova continue to win and display her power serve at the match? In the past, she used to big a real strong player but now will she still be and moreover against the current player.

One thing however she is still the No. 1 tennis player most watched especially for her fashion and style. The other person who has flare in fashion also happens to be Maria but she is Maria Kirilenko. Both of their white outfit certainly have the clean and pleasant look which is very suitable for the fields.

Another exciting match is the all Belgian games between the two former World No. 1. They met before at the recent games and they met again now.