Notable techniques at the Australia Open

Looking back at the Australia Open, especially at the final between Serene Williams who had won her fifth Australia Open title and Justine Henin the former World No. 1. There is much to learn from the match. One thing in particular is the strong forehand technique of Serene Williams. It was fast and powerful that the opponent could not run to return it. 

However, besides that behind those power and speed, there was an element of intelligent forehand technique. She saw where the opponent is standing and knowing that point, she encompasses it with power and speed and shot back accurately at the other side of the court. There was little time for the opponent to react to that. Justine Henin played smart too one when she managed to trick the champion and won by a lob which she did not seems to expect it at the moment.

For the final of the men's match between the two top quality players World No. 1 and many times grand slam champion Roger Federer and Andy Murray, one important thing about the game is that Roger Federer just keep on returning and serving real well that Andy does not have any space to score. To do that in fact Roger Federer has lots of stamina in the match. He just leave no air for Andy to breathe so how can he have the time to think to counter or use his wits in the game? Very interesting matches at the Australia Open indeed.