The defensive tennis lob technique

The defensive tennis lob is usually played when you are out of position and needed some time to recover. For such a technique to be performed, one needs pretty much practice, the nimble factor and the accuracy. Do be aware of this technique as I have seen before someone using it and made a small error resulting in giving the opportunity to the opponent to strike back. Here are the some of the steps to perform a defensive lob:

The grip

Use the same grips as you do for forehand and backhand shots.

Preparation and backswing

Prepare as if you were hitting a ground stroke and bring the head of the racket below the height of the ball and at the same time bend well at your knees. Open the racket face slightly and rest your weight on the back foot.

Forward swing and contact

Bring the racket forward in a low-high swing. As you do this you will gradually extend the knees forward and upward. At the same time ensure the racket face is slightly open.

Follow through

Make the path of the racket on the basic lob from low to high. You may make the follow through upwards, to give the ball height over the net. Hit it with some slice to give the ball more height if you are playing the defensive lob.