Elena Dementieva won the Paris Indoor Open for the first time

Top seed Elena Dementieva going for a serve at the Paris Open. (Getty)

A beautiful backhand from the top seed. (Getty)

Elena Dementieva laughing out after winning the Paris Open. (Reuters)

Lifting her trophy to the crowd with a big smile. (Reuters)

Elena Dementieva World No. 7 top seeded for the Paris Open has won all matches and claim her new title. Her match with the US Teen sensational Melanie Oudin was fast and furious giving the teen no chance and won her after losing the first set. Elena continued to perform and at the final she met Czech Lucie Safarova

It was almost the same at the round when she played with Oudin. She was down by one set and later she came back with the score 6-7 6-1 6-4 to win the Paris Indoor Open for the first time.

The 28 year old Russian won the title and a cash prize of US $107,000.