Justine Henin and Ana Ivanovic at the games

Former World No. 1 Justine Henin playing at the Brisbane Internationals. (Getty)

Ana Ivanovic looks like doing a little dance after winning the match. (AP)

Former World No. 1 playing with former World No. 1. Justine Henin has make a comeback and has been winning at the games once again showing she still got her skills sharp there. At Brisbane internationals, it seems like a warm up for the Australian Open but there are already actions between tennis stars spectators can watch already. Three major players all former World No. 1 played well at the games. There were some thrilling moments where they nearly did not managed to win but they did. Now the most exciting match probably is between Ana Ivanovic and Justine Henin. Ivanovic said she is all ready to play with the former champion and it is certainly seems like a match that the spectators want to see. Not only about the fact that two great players will be playing with one another but they will probably be playing with their best.