The big game between the Belgians at the Brisbane International

Justine Henin won Ana Ivanovic to make it into the finals (Reuters)

Kim Clijsters making to the finals to meet fellow Belgian. (Reuters)

Looks like the crowd loves the Mother tennis champion. (Reuters)

It will indeed be another spectacular game after Justine Henin won Ana Ivanovic. This time is the match between two retired and comeback former World No. 1 tennis champions. It is a battle between two top players. They stopped tennis for their family, they were tired and needed some rest. Now, they are energized and they have the skills there. Even a long time of resting, they still can win much younger players or rather known as the current top players after they retired. This is good as they are back to improve the standard of tennis not saying that the younger players are not good themselves but surely they have much to learn and improve from the former champions.

More importantly, there are more interesting tennis matches to watch and the spectators are going to continue enjoy watching and learning from the professional players. Now the game between the two Belgians, both former World No.1, both are as strong as they can be. This is surely one exciting match at the Brisbane Internationals though a smaller competition compared to many tennis tournaments out there. But the final is already big enough for the spectators and probably other professional tennis players to watch and enjoy the game.