The new champion and his super trophy

Nikolay showing his happiness after the game (But why is he so happy?). (Reuters)

It is because he got this super shiny trophy... (Reuters)

When Nikolay emerged as the winner after winning del petro, it was indeed a glorious and memorable moment for him. He played the game well and won 6-3, 6-4 without much of a tough game it seems. Perhaps one of them is either super strong that day or one of them is not in the right mood. The thing here that I want specifically want to mention is that the photo of the winner taking the trophy taken is by far the most interesting and brightest. The previous photo shows the surrounding people at the Paris Masters when the champion gets his trophy but this time the trophy seems to show the prestige of ATP Final. The trophy was really bright and shiny. Maybe that is why Nikolay is so happy, it is one kind of a trophy.