Win Your Passion Online

This is a passion off court that still need your physical abilities to create the thrill and win the day for yourself, only this time your fingers can do the task.

It is to bid for your favourite gadgets online among so many opponents needing your intense attention just as on court.  Based on a revolutionary penny auction concept, this is how it works: All the featured  products are brand new and auctions start at zero penny. This point is like the anticipation to receive from your opponent the serve. With a created user account, the game goes at USD0.60 per bid and increase the price by USD0.02 at a time. At the same time, a countdown timer starts from between 15 seconds and 3 minutes, so let your heart keep pumping like the rally on court.

The game ends when the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product, so make sure you have the right decision and enough pocket to seal the rally. Any one can add in the spills by counter-bidding where the countdown timer will restart and starts the heart pounding all over again.

What is offered on this unique auction site I feel is very much like the tempo a tennis game entails, the anticipation, the decisiveness, the unexpected counters and the satisfaction of the adrenaline pumps during the game or having won it. The total engagement needs the whole person's attention and talents to spare.

Should you be wanting of knowing the save transactions and online environment benefits, meet the game preview at the online site to serve your passion.