ATP Tour Finals

Roger Federer knocked out by Nikolay at the ATP Tour Semi finals. (Getty)

Tough game for Nikolay but he secured the position at the final. (Getty)

Another player knocked out by Nikolay and he is Rafael Nadal. (Getty)

Del Porto getting into the final again. (Getty)

Actions at the Q2 arena has been intense and thrilling as the top players played their best to win this tournament. Although Roger Federer has won the World no.1 title again but they are able to win this trophy to be another no. 1 for this game of course. But sometimes it is not the world no. 1 or trophy that matters it is the feeling of winning the best players around that gives great satisfaction or basically being good at this game that they all love. Top players both World no. 1 and 2 have been knocked out and they have been knocked out by the same person. Del Porto has also made into the final and he will not be meeting Roger Federer this time instead the person who knocked him out Nikolay. Both players are pretty good at what they are doing therefore this is certainly another good match to watch even though it is not between the world no. 1 and 2.