World Number One is still the first for the fifth time

Roger Federer silent joy after winning Andy Murray at Q2. (AP)

It was a classic moment and it came in timely for the tennis great Roger Federer to win Andy Murray at the recent Q2 match. That match has shown that Roger Federer is just a brilliant player at his game coming back to win Andy after losing the first round where he had just kept on sustaining and performed strong attacks to win the next two rounds.

This match has also made Roger Federer ahead of the Spainard Nadal Rafael and it is also confirmed that he has once again won the World No. 1 title for the fifth time with more to match against the great tennis legend Pete Sampras. Soon at Q2, there will be another exciting match to watch which is the match between the the current no. 1 player and the man who won him at the US Open.

It is probably another match to show who is really better this time round. Players get intense, spectators get excitement at the next round of Q2.