The world no.1 Roger Federer and the new US Open Champion Juan del Potro

Martin Juan del Potro the champion of the US Open 2009. (EPA)

Roger Federer the world no.1 showing the return of a tennis great.(mirror)

The emotional moment of the new champion when he has won the final. (AP)

Kissing his first grand slam trophy at the US Open 2009. (News)

The world no.1 taking his stride as a true tennis great at least at the end. (EPA)

It was a sensational  final at the US Open when Roger Federer the world no.1 plays with the Martin Juan del Potro. If the later wins, he will be the first Argentine since many years ago to win a grand slam final. The final result he won. Things were slightly intense when at the crucial match Martin Juan del Potro challenged a decision to watch the video and the video showed that Roger Federer should not be given the point.

A small confrontation of the world no.1 and the judge was seen. After a while, the match has to continue the referee's decision was final as usual in almost all of the matches. Juan del Potro suddenly began to feel that he has that chance to win and he really gave his best serve that made him win the game later on.

The world no.1 was not too happy but he took his stride at the end and said that he was delighted throughout all the games. After all, he is still really the world no.1.