Moments of the US Open 2009

Martin Juan del Potro claiming the title as the new US Open champion.

Rafeal Nadal the World No. 1 for a while and seemingly the best Spanish player so far rejoiced over a win.

The World No. 1 Roger Federer talking to the judge at the final match regarding a crucial point.

Maria Sharapova the most coveted and celebrated female player striking back.

 A shot of Maria Sharapova going for a serve.

In the recent US Open 2009, there has been many interesting matches and with the appearance of a Mother(Kim Clijsters) in the game that kinds of take away some or perhaps the limelight of the father (Roger Federer) made it even more exciting to watch as she ultimately won the current best players to gain her title as the new US Open champion after two years of retirement. Her championed acts have certainly inspired many and have even shake the decision of Justin Henin one of the greatest female players to come back and play.

There are also others who have been noticed mainly not for their good skills even though they have but for their actions and talking back to judges. The most prominent one would be Serena Williams who has been claimed to threaten one of the judges. Sometimes even the professionals can't their cool which actually they should to maintain the professionalism of the game. They can always be firm and straight but probably too much fire kind of burn others and themselves off.

New players emerged and even became a phenomenon. It seems short to me but well they were in the centre of the game when they are winning all the top players. One of such is Melanie Oudin the young American teenager. Another teenager who has done well is Caroline Woznacki who was the finalist of the US Open and stopped young Oudin from having her real good run.

New champions have also emerged such as del Potro and overall in the whole US Open, in all the matches the player who really has the most charm and style is none other than Maria Sharapova. The way she played and even the way she walked out of the court is always filled with that element of glamour that only she has it.



i love Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal


hello yeah they are lovable tennis stars!