Another match between the World top two players, this time Roger Federer and Andy Murray


Oh yes another world no. 1 and 2 match this time it is between Roger Federer and the new World No. 2 Andy Murray. Both top 3 players including Rafael Nadal have made it into the semi-finals of the Cincinnati Open.

The matches ahead should be exciting and the new World No. 2 will want to prove his substance in the game. Sometimes one way to really show that is to play against the best and the best today is really Roger Federer.

No matter what at the other semi-final, the new world no. 3 who has recently dropped his no. 2 title will also want to show his skills and substance by the winning the tournament. The matches ahead will seems to be of one that the best 3 will be competing against one another to show who is really the best at this game.