The tennis drop shot technique add on

There are other matters to take note when doing a drop shot after the forward swing and contact. The following will describe the follow through things to note:

1. Keep the follow through of drop shot has to be short, finishing at approximately waist level.

2. Another important thing is to ensure that you keep your head still and maintain the balance. On completion of the shot, follow the ball to the net so that you can reduce the angle of your opponent's return.

3. Usually, your opponent may also return with a drop shot so be in a flexible position to counter that.

It is important to get a feel for how much force to apply with the racket and for how to absorb the pace of the oncoming ball so that you can use a drop shot. Therefore sometimes it is useful to actually work on your drop shot early in the development of the game because it will develop your feel for the ball and how to control it. You will also become more aware of the touch and timing of the shots.