Tactical returning in tennis game

It has been a while since the last post but today feel like posting about one important aspect of tennis game which is as equally important as tactical serving - tactical returning. Simply the fact that every time we give a good serve, we should also give a good returning then we can rally and win the points.

In retuning a ball we can either defend or attack and that depends on the serve, if the shot is powerful perhaps defending it by standing behind the baseline and deflecting the ball back might be better then. If the shot is slightly weaker then perhaps moving inside the baseline and hit the ball on the rise with more acceleration and topspin is more appropriate.

Placement is always something to consider and we can aim to hit diagonally across the court to land the ball deep or about three quarter length and this can prevent your opponent to attack back easily then. Another way is to hit straight down but keep close to the singles sidelines and this is usually for serves which are slow and shorter.