Tactical serving in tennis game

Many a times a power serve will impress the crowd and also causes the opponent to feel the strength that they might use more energy to counter back. However it is not all about power shot to win the game. Placing the ball is in fact one of the most aspect of serving. If one knows how to place the ball, even if you do not have the power serve, it will not increase your chances of landing the ball in the service box but also enable you to serve regularly to your opponent's weaker side. By doing so, the returns by them might also be weaker then.

This is not the only way of cos as placing is a tactic more to be discovered then. One can in fact serve to the stronger side and at the body of your opponent in otherwise at the position where your opponent may probably find it uncomfortable to counter the serve.

If you have realised tennis has more depth in just hitting the ball across the court then. Tactical serving is one part of the many interesting aspects of tennis that can be well applied in sports.