The effect of wrist band in tennis

I have recently seen some people asking about whether there is a need to wear wrist band when playing tennis. The reason of why some wear them including professionals is because of the grip they want to maintain. When there is a wrist band the perspiration from the player will be absorbed in the wrist band. 

Some will also use the wrist band to wipe their perspiration near their eyes. This is the same reason why some put on a head band like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Of course, there could also be a reason of serving it as a fashion accessory in tennis if they think it looks cooler.

Some top players like Maria Sharapova do not wear wrist band and she can certainly serve a power shot still. Thus in conclusion, it is a matter of preference at the end of the day whether you would really to wear a wrist band in tennis in a way. Some feel that it is an obstacle to have something on the wrist others perhaps felt it will be stronger as a grip. It works whichever it may serve you better of course in the right manner and approach.