Tennis Footwork and Forehand technique

Sometimes as a tennis player, we may be very focus on the grips, the swings and whether is our power of our forehand strong enough and etc. One important aspect of the game is actually our footwork. Before we go into footwork there are two points which we need to remember when hitting with our forehand technique:

1. We need to know that the ideal zone for most players when hitting the ball will be between 2-3 feet to the side of your body and the point of contact of the ball.

2. It is also essential that you make contact with the ball when it is in front of you, for the obvious reason because you will be able to swing enough to generate the speed and power.

To perform the above two points, we need to achieve good footwork. The footwork will gives us the placing where we can comfortably hit the ball with the swing we want. The word is comfortably and with nimble movements on the court this gives us the confidence to hit the ball to where we want to. To train footwork, it requires the timing and the speed to see where the ball is coming from. This will be discussed again in the next post.