Maria Sharapova continues to perfom at Wimbledon 2011

 Maria Sharapova getting ready for her game.
Maria Sharapova cheers at her point score. (Getty)

Maria Sharapova cool and focus look. (Getty)

Maria Sharapova happily waving to the crowd.

Maria Sharapova beautiful signature gesture to the crowd.

Sabine Lisicki roar.

Victoria Azarenka going for the ball.

Maria Sharapova being the most veteran and considerably the most successful player compared to the rest continues to perform and she made it to the semi-finals with great skills and confidence. At this juncture, we must be thinking whether is this the time for Maria Sharapova to shine again? I mean of course she has been shining but shining as a World No. 1 player she used to be at the courts. She is always known to have really strong shots but recently she did not seems to be winning any more grand slam titles or even major tournament titles. 

She did however managed to reach to the final of some of these tournaments. In this year's Wimbledon, one of the most highly regarded grand slam, she has managed to reach to the semi-finals and she will be meeting Germany's Sabine Lisicki, a player that seems to be rising up in ranks. Can Maria Sharapova be her in true form again? The champion that we all remembered her before? 

In today's match we will know the answer. Victoria Azarenka is also another player who has been reaching to finals of tournaments and she will be in the semi-finals to pit for a place in the final.