Giants falling out of Wimbledon 2011 but Maria Sharapova continues to sail on

 Maria Sharapova returning a beautiful ball to her opponent at the court. (Getty)

 Maria Sharapova cheerful expression at the crowd after winning the fourth round. (Getty)

 Yes it is the cheerful Maria Sharapova at the court again. (Getty)

Yes another signature Maria Sharapova move to the crowd. (Getty)

At the fourth round of the Wimbledon 2011, top players like the Williams sisters did not performed and were out of the game. The World No. 1 player Danish player Caroline Wozniacki did not managed to put a grand slam title into her bag this time round. Maria Sharapova however was one of those giants that continue to proceed to the quarter finals of the game. It seems like Maria Sharapova will have a good opportunity to win the grand slam. Maria Sharapova will be able to finally achieve what she had before a grand slam championship and the recognition of her talents as a great tennis player. Now, it is just getting more exciting to see whether Maria Sharapova will be able to keep her cool, maintain her accuracy and continue her power shots at the games. Go Maria Sharapova.