All eyes on Maria Sharapova at the tennis arena

Maria Sharapova at the Newport Beach games.

Going for a return at the game.

Perhaps it is time for Maria Sharapova to do some real resting for the thoughts on how to go on better. Sometimes a good rest can help to relax the mind and then start moving forward to all the games. Although she did not do that well at the tournaments for some time and some said that she is not the player she used to be. One thing from Maria Sharapova which is this, "If I didn't feel like I had it in me, I wouldn't be going out on the court every day and working to become a better player," Sharapova said. "I wouldn't be fighting to win my tennis matches." has shown she still has the desire to win and that probably says she still have the skills. More importantly, these players should show that they enjoy their sports at all times.