The fashion, games and moments at the Italian Open 2010

Ivanovic playing confidently at the Italian Open (Getty)

Ivanovic cool side view at the court. (Getty)

Classic picture of Jelena Javakovic and her tennis attire. (AP)

Still a popular figure among the fans after missing in actions from an injury. (Getty)

Spain's Martinez took the title home instead of the other favourites. (Getty)

It was like a roller coaster to me while watching and keeping track of the tennis matches at the Italian Open. Serena Williams returned with her usual strong techniques winning her opponents one by one. Caroline the World Number two lost out in the few rounds. Ivanovic performed pretty well at the matches and her latest attire is one that I think is attractive and at the same time not too striking. It suits her in fact. 

More on the attire Jelena had her green outfit which had a picture taken of her in that attire that makes the attire shines out in a classic manner. She also performed well in fact won the crowd favourite and World Number one Serena Williams at the semi-finals.

Serena Williams was upset and said she did not managed to win over herself at the match, while all the main stars are taking the limelight, it was world ranked 26th Martinez who slowly won World Number two Caroline and former World Number one Ivanovic to reach to the final.

At final, she won another former World Number one Jelena who just won the current World Number one with her beautiful drop shots that Jelena said they have really made her lost in the game. It was interesting to note despite being out of the limelight compared to those often in it, it was her skills if she has improved make her claim the trophy that probably not many expected. If they said the ball is round in soccer, the ball is also round in tennis.