Roger Federer is back again

Roger Federer is back. (Reuters)

No tennis ball can come into his way. (Reuters)

Roger Federer the World Number one who was recently out in the early stages of the tennis games, was back again with skills like a champion as he has always been. Roger Federer also managed to beat Enerst Gulbis who he had lost before. Roger Federer always seems to able to get back his opponent even though he had lost them. He probably sometimes did a thorough thought on what he had lost initially and go back on to make he does not make the same mistake if he had met the same player again on the court. It is sometimes such trait that make tennis players like him a great tennis player.

Moving on to the semi-finals should he be able to win this round, he could met Rafael Nadal if he also managed to win the semi-finals. This will again perhaps be a favourite match for many tennis fans.