The cool, popular and comeback at the French Open

World No. 1 in his cool look at the French Open.

Maria Sharapova playing hard at the game.

Justine Henin looking really happy after winning Maria Sharapova.

Much actions were seen at the French Open with Roger Federer the World No. 1 continues to shine and show the champion style at the matches... Although he is the No. 2 favourite tennis player at the French Open, he certainly shows he is the No. 1 at the game.

The next match that caught many attention is the one with four-time champions Justine Henin former World No. 1 against the most popular tennis player in the world former World No. 1 Maria Sharapova. They were vying for the last 16 spot at the game and both put up a great performance. Justine Henin at first took the lead and later on Maria Sharapova fought back to get back on par but she did managed to build on the advantage and lost the match.

Into the quarter finals of the French Open things are just starting to get heated up.