At the start of French Open 2010

1st seeded Roger Federer and 2nd seeded Rafael Nadal smiling at each other. (AP)

Former World No. 1 performing well at the start of the game.

Will Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal meet again this year at the French Open Final like what they did last year and at the Madrid Open? Well perhaps many would want to watch again and will King of clay Rafael managed to continue his winning streak at the clay?

I remembered it was clearly last year where many said Roger had lost his steam not performing well at the games and lost his No.1 spot and at the clay where he was not very good at... He won and impressed everyone! So never underestimate this great tennis player of all time. So far both players have been advancing well.

Another player to spot is probably Maria Sharapova. She has been losing her steam not performing well due to her injury which has been quite some time though of course sometimes a player may not perform well after an injury... This former World No. 1 managed to keep her toes at the game and put up a pretty well performance at her first round. The thing is that she has to maintain that and keep on focusing. If Maria Sharapova managed to make it to the final this will be a very interesting game to watch.