Novak Djokovic the current World No. 2 claiming his second straight title

Novak Djokovic aiming to take a strike back. (Reuters)

Russia's Mikhail Youzhny doing a backhand at the final. (Reuters)

The World No. 2 claiming his second title. (Reuters)

When Roger Federers was out of the tournament due to that he needed some rest for his health, fans were disappointed but at least other players who were still in the game made the tournament interesting. Russia's Mikhail Youzhnys was one of them who managed to make a comeback after nearly losing the game at some of the matches. 
He made it all the way to the final but his challenge, the defending champion and World No. 2 Novak Djokovic managed to win him after all. Despite a tantrum from the World No. 2 who kept smashing his racket until it buckled after he double-faulted to put his opponent 5-4 up and a day-long rain delay, he put up a good game still. 
It was tiring for both players as they did not budged in to each other and at the final game, Djokovic led 3-0 but was chased up by the second seed to 3-3. The golden score was when Djokovic served out the match after a long forehand from the Russian. The Serb then collapse in triumph to express his joy.