Among the ball games we watch tennis seems to score

I was watching this exciting football game half way in the English Premier league but managed to check out the livescore of the game to find out the result. After the game I suddenly thought of the players and the recent scandal cases by some of the football players and prominent golf player. Looking back, tennis seems to score on star's decency with Roger Federer and other tennis players giving a relatively good image of a good sports person and more importantly sometimes as a family man. Roger Federer has been showing consistency in winning and winning for his family like his daughters.

His style of playing has shown his character and when he is back home, he seems to show his fans that he is sweetly in love when he is with his family. This kind of brings a good image and message across to sports lovers. Playing the game well is one thing, having the luxury of a good home is another beautiful and both things requires good discipline sometimes.