Top tennis players to mention about in 2009

Kim Clijsters former World Champion and Winner of US Open 2009

Caronline Wozniacki the sensational tennis star rising up in rank fast.

The two tennis players that have shown splendid performance in the tennis courts are certainly Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki. Kim came back after two years of retiring and as a Mother already, she is able to play tennis at a great standard winning all the current top players and clinch the US Open title. She has shown the "Mum power" indeed in the game. To further prove that she has the real skills, she had another match earlier in this month with Serena Williams the current World no. 1 and has won that game. Another tennis player to note is Caroline Wozniacki the young sensational teenager in the tennis arena. She has been playing really well and have won experienced top players at the courts making each game an exciting for the spectators to watch. She has risen to World No. 4 in rankings her best ranking so far.