Moments of the top three giants at the US Open 2009

Roger Federer the World No. 1 maintaining his style of showing what he is made of. (EPA)


Rafeal Nadal expressing his joy after winning Gael Monfils. (Getty)


Andy Murray returning a serve and at this match he lost his spot of his new title and at the game.

As the games move on at the US Open 2009, they become more exciting and despite all of these excitement, the world no. 1 still reign at his top continuing to win the games and going through to the next round. It is really enjoyable to watch Roger Federer play as one will know what is real tennis skills after seeing his match especially when he came back when he was losing a point or two.

The spot of the world no. 2 has also been change hands as Rafeal Nadal's win over Gael Monfils has made him got back his title that he has lost to Andy Murray recently. It was a real joy for him as fans can see that from his muscular biceps tightening with his fist clenched.

Andy Murray however did not managed to win and he has returned to his previous spot of world no. 3 and that he is also out of the game surprisingly. Some said it is due to his exhaustion that he lost. Probably now it is a good time he should take some rest.