The tennis lob

As the name implies and as I playback the times when I am constantly under attack and at the point where I am almost out of control especially on my blind side, I utilize this move to buy myself time to recover in position.

Tilted at about 45 degrees to a waist level attack on the up-bounce to my back hand, a lob is executed with a spin if desired and manageable. Lifting the opponent's head to gaze at the ball over his head breaks his attacking momentum and draws from him more effort to continue the game. As for me, I recover from my awkward stance and plan my next counter to his.

Using this same move, I can use it on the attack to catch him off position if he is awaiting near the net. He cannot smash on the unreachable lob but only retreats to the baseline with his back facing me. His return will be weaker and I assume a better position to deliver my next move to a near certain victory.