The happiest day of tennis great Roger Federer and his manager's lives

First it was their future that they are looking forward to...

Now it is their daughters' future they are looking forward to.

If anyone knows more about the world no. 1's manager, you will perhaps know that she is Roger Federer's wife. Today marks an important day for the tennis great and his wife Mirka as she has gave birth to twin daughters earlier on.

Ever since Roger Federer has officially declared about the good news of being a father, he has played really well at the games and has claimed back his world no. 1 title. As he has mentioned today is the happiest day of his and his wife's lives, it seems that Roger Federer is really happy and excited to be a father and tennis fans around should really feel happy for him too and maybe this excitement can even bring him to a higher level of tennis even though he is already the world no.1 and one of the greatest tennis players around.



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