The tennis drop shot technique

The key to a successful drop shot is to relax the muscle tension in your forearm and hand at the point of contact. Here are some of the important things to note when doing a drop shot:

The grip

Continental grip for the drop shot is easier to use but if you can continue to play your normal forehand or backhand, you can actually surprise the opponent.

Preparation and backswing

Try and prepare as you would for your normal forehand and backhand so that you can disguise the shot. Use the same stance as when you use for forehand and backhand. Play the shot from inside the court so the ball has less far to travel as this will give your opponent less time to get the ball.

Forward swing and contact

Use a similar forward swing as for forehand and backhand. Need a downward swing but reduce the speed of the racket head so you can control the ball. Keep wrist loose and bring racket face underneath the ball, putting spin on it. Contact the ball just before or when it reaches the highest point of its bounce.