Maria Sharapova did it! But the defending champ did not...

A very delighted Maria that she cries after winning the game. (getty images)

A shocked and upset four time champion Rafael Nadal after losing the game. (getty images)

There were so much excitement in the French Open 2009 these days. Maria Sharapova despite her injured shoulder played really well onced again this round pitting against World No. 25 Li Na from China. Even her Chinese opponent said that she was impressed with Maria's determination to play on whether or not she scores. This really shows that Maria wants to win and perhaps even more is to play her best because of her passion in the game. That seems like the true spirit of an athlete and moreover she is definitely of world class standard. The defending champion known as the "King of Clay" has lost first time in clay and shocked everyone. His defeat was later called as the greatest upset in Grand Slam history while there are others who have also called it as his Swede's opponent the game of his life. No more Federer and Nadal playing against in this match but it is interesting enough to watch Maria continue to strike giving her power shots in this open. Go Maria!