"Noises" during the tennis game

Larcher de Brito, the youngest player of age 16 and the only Portugese player in the third round, had made the crowd laugh with her loud squeals. It was said that the squeals could still be heard as the ball bounced on the other side of the court after she hit a serve or ground stroke.

Her opponent the local favorite Aravane Rezai, 22 think otherwise as she found it really irritating and distracting in the game. She won still and probably that will be her consolation in a way from the noises made.

The young player however felt that her squeals were no different from tennis greats such as Maria Sharapova but the spectators seems to find it different from the boo made by them after the game. But anyway a young player let's not probe into that and let her grow in the game probably a few years later her squeals might change to be better along the way.