The return of Maria Sharapova on the court

Returning a serve from Maria with tapes on her injured shoulder (AP)

Maria is back on the court and fans are happy as they can all see her play again. Her return however has left some in dismay as well as her performance has seen to be dropped tremendously. She used to seem like she always have that energy to play against anyone and always have the confidence in her serves to win anyone.

She played and won the first two rounds of the Warsaw Open and had lost in the quarter finals. Even her opponent has said that her serves are not that strong as before. One reason that attribute to this could be her shoulder injury. At least now she is back in the court and perhaps she will need more time to get back in shape.

Maria said she was happy to be in court after ten months of not being in action and watching others play. This if she means it shows that Maria still has the passion in tennis. With the growing passion still, the former world no.1 will probably be able to put up a good tennis show the next time round. Go Maria the court is yours and many are awaiting for your power shots again ha.