Lob - something that will come in good use

What is a lob then? A lob is a shot that is most often used in a defensive situation. It is usually hit from an area deep behind the baseline when a player is in trouble and on the run.

Hitting a good high lob deep into the opponent's court will allow you enough time to get out of trouble and get back into a good ready position to continue the point. Many times a good lob will turn a defensive situation into an offensive situation. A lob can also be useful as an offensive shot by attempting to hit the ball just out of the opponent's reach when they are at the net.

This offensive lob attempt is made in an effort to win the point by not letting the opponent run back in time to return it. If the player is able to add topspin to the ball to make it come down quicker. It is also important to take note of the few main points of the topspin as it may not have an desirable effect if not done properly. Anyway, a good lob is important as it can come in handy in other techniques.