Main points for topspin serve

The four main things about topspin serve:

1. Preparation

Your stance should be the same as the flat serve.

2. Loading position

Toss the ball slightly behind the head, over your left shoulder if you are a right handed player and vice-versa. Lean the upper body backwards a little and ensure that there is a good knee bend.

3. Contact point

The swing of the racket head to the ball should be from behind and to the left of your head and move your racket from left to right, upwards, across and over the ball.

4. Follow through

Direct the first part of your follow through outwards from your body and to your right.


Vinay Rai

nice coverage of the australian open . I am huge tennis fan and I visited your blof often and I am happy with the way you have managed your blog throughout the australian open . good luck.


hello rai thanks for the visit and glad you like it. Tennis is an very interesting game and their players seems to be always in the limelight of fashion ha.c

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