One of the best tennis backhand techniques

Talking about backhand technique, Roger Federer has one of the best one-handed tennis backhand techniques in world tennis. There are some points to take note in his excellent way of hitting the ball using the technique. As summarized:

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1. Steady head

His head is still and over the ball with his eyes clearly focused on the ball. This helps to maintain excellent balance as he plays the shot.

2. Leg position

If anyone noticed, he usually gets down to get the ball (and this movement of course has to be done accurately and with the adequate speed) he is bending his knee at the knees as well as the waist. Notice the definition in the right calf muscle, which is evidence of the great lower body strength he has gained.

3. Front foot

Federer's right foot is planted flat onto the ground as he moves his weight forward and onto it.

4. Weight transfer.
As Federer steps down the court he moves his weight forward.

5. Arm angle

The arm is virtually straight when he is about to hit the ball and his grip is firm.