Forehand topspin technique

Forehand topspin technique in tennis is a technique that allows a player to keep the ball in the baseline when it is used or one more way of using it is to land the ball closer or nearer for the opponent then. There are few important key points of the forehand topspin technique and to begin let's start with the posture. For the grip, usually players can use the semi-western grip.

1. The important thing on the posture is that it should begins with the knee bent when you are facing forward to the opponent and next when the ball comes in,

2. One should turn almost to the right (depending on the hand you are holding the racket in this case we take it as the right hand) with the body now facing to the right and your feet follow suit instead of facing the opponent still and the hip should twist and generate the adequate power to

3. Swing with the surface of the racket facing the ball and strike in an upwards semi-circular motion but always maintain the racket's surface of facing the ball and that the elbow or hand is not moving too much forward but upwards to get a good contact with the ball.

After that move back into the ready position for another shot then.