The use of wristbands in tennis

Have you ever noticed tennis players putting on wristbands on their wrists? In fact is it really necessary to do so? Tennis shoes definitely are an essential as it will help not only improve your performance in certain sense. Are wristbands an essential too?

But by putting a band on your wrist is something that could be consider if you feel you do not want your trickle of perspiration to affect your grip. Mainly tennis stars who put them on usually is to absorb the perspiration so not to slip to their hand or grip. Some perhaps would also use it to wipe their perspiration of their head or face. These days, such an item could also be deemed as a sports fashion accessory for athletes. 

But one should note that wristband if put on should be done so appropriately so as not to affect the maneuver of the tennis racquets techniques in the games.