Serena Williams clinches Sony Open Tennis title

Serena Williams has continued to show her power moves in the Sony Open Tennis. She cruises all the way to the final and met Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova has actually been playing really well winning all the matches at the Sony Open Tennis, a tournament which she probably had some additional feelings towards as she was after all one of the brand endorser or ambassador for its phone editions. Reaching to the final is seemingly one happy moment for Maria Sharapova  too.

At the start of the Open, Maria Sharapova took the lead 6-4 and later on Serena Williams came back to win the next two sets to end the game 4-6, 6-3, 6-0 in fashion. Serena Williams won the title the sixth time. In fact this is another interesting match between the World top two players and the bubble at the presentation adds to the nice feel of the images too.

For the two players, it certainly have been a good set of games at their tournaments so far too.