The importance of tennis shoes in tennis

As we move on to talk about the glamours and cool stuff about our favourite tennis players on the court sometimes besides the great skills the players have the attire such as the shoes also seems to be an important factor to perhaps a better tournament player too. If someone said it does not matter what shoes if you have the skills well it could be true to a certain extent but with a good pair of shoes that is customised for the game perhaps you can even play better. 

There is a difference when you wear tennis shoes. If you notice tennis requires lots of lateral movements such as actions of sideways starts and stops. Sometimes tennis players could drag the toes and heel across the court where the areas of the toes and heels will need a better padding. 

Due to more lateral movements needed in the match, the tennis shoes are usually flatter and wider with a lower heal so that the players would not have their ankle roll over easily then.