Maria sharapova's toss release technique



Maria Sharapova is a great player and many of us would know that but among the many reasons she is great one of them certainly is the excellent technique she has displayed when she plays tennis. It is through great training and perfection of techniques that is good for her to perform that one move. Of course this great player has more than just one move. But each move is something and the combination of all these made her great on the courts. One of these moves is the way how she tosses the ball. This may seems simple or even something really basic, but this move will give you a great advantage in the game when you start it well. 

Looking at how Maria Sharapova did her toss, you will noticed that all her tossing moves were consistent and so graceful with such clean feel. She has her left arm extended, reaching after the ball, and the fingers of her left hand opened up so that none of them pushed the ball off course at the moment of release. 

When the ball reaches to the right position, that is where she hits the ball and that is the power serve.