Olympic 2012 tennis moments of the men matches

Roger Federer going to the finals of the Olympic tennis men match.

Andy Murray winning the Gold medal match at his home place.

The medalists of the Olympic tennis men singles.

The London Olympic 2012 tennis has displayed great moments of the top athletes such as World No. 1 Roger Federer and Del Porto. In the semi-finals for the men's singles, the two of them continued the tennis match for several hours and with each of them winning one set the final set will determine the player with the spot at the final for the gold medal match and a silver in their bag. They serve so quick that they could not catch or return so tactically that it catch them with surprise. 

Roger Federer won 3-6, 7-6, 19-17 in champion's style fashion. I watched the match when they played they look pretty drained out but they continue on after intermittent breaks of taking potassium rich substances. Roger Federer continue on and in the end outsmart Del Porto to took on the final spot and secure at least the silver medal.

At the final, Roger Federer met Andy Murray and Andy put up a good performance winning perhaps his first ever final. He has never won a grand slam but he won the Gold medal match at the London Olympics 2012. He won for Great Britain and the crowd cheered for him. He went up to see his family and close friends who hugged him and show their congrats to him. Roger left the arena with smiles on his face still. Though he did not win the Gold he is still well-respected by the crowd and Andy Murray himself. He won a silver and he is happy with it also.