Wimbledon 2012 Final Roger Federer is there with style

Roger Federer at the Wimbledon 2012. 

Andy Murray going for the final at the Wimbledon 2012. 

Roger Federer the player who has the most grand slam titles will be playing at the final of the Wimbledon open and this could be another new title added to his collection of grand slam titles. He can also be the World Number One again if he wins at this final. The other player who has also won the spot at the final Andy Murray on the contrary has not won a single grand slam before. This is the time he could win a grand slam title now. Roger Federer has always display great tennis at the matches. His style and skills are certainly the things that make the game interesting to watch. No matter how many up and coming players playing at the tennis matches, Roger Federer has always been there at the game advancing rounds to the finals be it semi-final or the final. This Wimbledon final will definitely be another masterpiece of the champion.