London Olympic games 2012 begins

It was a pretty spectacular opening ceremony at the London Olympic 2012 as it involves great performance by the entire team including the cast which illustrates a brief but very interesting act of the British's history and then include wonderful music with the famous conductor and the orchestra. 

A little humour was added with "Mr Bean" partaking a small but comical role to liven the atmosphere of the classical music where the conductor was also sporty enough to reciprocate to this. Other stars such as David Beckham and current "James Bond" actor also participate along with this performance. More interestingly the Queen also joined in and grace the ceremony not only with her presence but also to declare the opening of the games. 

Many of the tennis stars were here at the opening ceremony and some of them even took on the role as flag bearers. One of such which perhaps gathered much attention is Maria Sharapova which the commentator actually mentioned her as one of the most beautiful woman in the World and also top tennis athlete. The whole experience was really well connected with every moment so interesting to watch. There are loads of fun yet accompanied with elegance and stylish in its own uniqueness to start off this year's Olympic games.