Qatar Ladies Open 2012 and Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki at the press conference for Qatar Ladies Open 2012. (Getty)

Former World Number One Caroline Wozniacki will be second seeded at the Qatar Ladies Open 2012. Seeded No. 1 will be the current World Number One Victoria Azarenka. After the Australia Open Caroline Wozniacki has dropped to No. 4. She has never won a grand slam though she is really consistent with her points. If she is looking to climb up in ranks she has to perform at these tournaments. She will be at the opening match and spectators are looking to see her play some good shots.

Caroline Wozniacki has maintain her No. 1 ranking for some time at least for 2010 and 2011. She has a notable double backhanded which can turn defense into offense. She is an all around defense player which sometimes can cheer the crowd by her counter moves. With 18 WTA titles fans are certainly looking to watch this former World Number One once again perform her excellent defense skills

Qatar Ladies Open will be held at hard courts and the winner will take home a cash prize of US 2 million dollars.