Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka securing the berths at Australia Open Final

Maria Sharapova after winning Petra Kvitova at the semi finals. (Getty)

Rafael Nadal after securing the berth at the final. (Getty)

Maria Sharapova has finally secured the berth at the Australia Open final. She will be facing Victoria Azarenka who won defending champion Kim Clijsters at the semi finals. Maria Sharapova has climbed up in ranks now at fourth ranking and Victoria Azarenka at third ranking will be competing not only for the championship title but also for the World Number One place this time. Whoever has won will replace Caroline Wozniacki the current World Number One. In the Men's game Rafael Nadal has once again won Roger Federer and it has been some time since Roger Federer has not won Rafael Nadal at the grand slam Both always show top skills when playing and the more flamboyant player won again. Rafael Nadal will now play at the final.