Let the French Open 2011 begins!

 World Number One Caroline Woznacki going to the round 2. (Getty)

 The cool Samantha Stosur who was the runner up at the final make it to round 2. (Reuters)

 Pinkish Maria Kirilenko played well too. (AP)

 Focusing really hard on the ball. (AP)

 All time favourite Maria Sharapova all out to win this time again. (Reuters)

 Always the attention at the tennis court. (Getty)

The French Open 2011 also known as Roland Garros is starting again and similarly this year big names flew in to play at this prestigious tennis tournament of the year. It is one of the grand slam where all tennis players would want to hold one of these titles in their career. Attractive cash price, challenging game and a recognition to one's talents and/ or efforts. 

Many of the known names make it to the round 2 with Samantha Stosur starting the opening match. World Number 1 make it too, as usual. Maria Sharapova the all time favourite both as a tennis player and tennis fashion style make it too with much confidence having a score of 6-3, 6-0. She herself is three times grand slam champion an achievement that she will always have now. But is she aiming the fourth one? It seems likely. Notice her new outfit from Nike. Simple and fresh looking indeed. Feels comfortable especially for an event like this.

As the game moves on round 3 onwards, more exciting matches are going to come as big names will match big names and only one remained as the champion of the grand slam.